Take Flight for Kids
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Take Flight for Kids
A Full Day Family Friendly FREE Science and Aviation Festival
Reid Hillview Airport, San Jose, CA

Saturday October 19, 2013
Take Flight for Kids #6 at San Jose Reid Hillview Airport
Silicon Valley

Great Prizes for Top Singers including Kindle FIre, iPods, other great stuff!
A project of the Valley Medical Center Foundation

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Sign up for the SIlicon Valley Karaoke Competition
Open to all High School Students in Northern California
San Jose Reid Hillview Airport, San Jose, California
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Great Prizes for Top Singers including Kindle FIre, iPods, other great stuff!

NOTE: Please bring a canned good, diapers and wipes, and new socks for Bill Wilson Center 
Serving 10,000 people per year, with an emphasis on youth, Bill Wilson Center programs focus on building self-confidence and developing personal assets. With these tools, youth can permanently change the direction of their lives.  http://www.billwilsoncenter.org/
Welcome to the San Jose Take Flight for Kids, San Jose Reid Hillview Airport, a production of Valley Medical Center Foundation of Santa Clara County, California.


Welcome to the Take Flight for Kids 2013 Karaoke Contest! The Take Flight for Kids Karaoke Contest is an exciting and entertaining vocal competition featuring your favorite anime, J-pop, K-pop, and video game songs. Featuring a diverse group of passionate and talented singers, this event brings the spirit of friendly competition and the excitement of vocal performance to the event stage. If you enjoy singing, come sign up for our contest, or just come and cheer on your fellow fans!


The contest is open to all registered students in grades 9 thru 12 in any high school in California. There is no cost to register for the contest.  Take Flight for Kids reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

General Information

Contest registration will run on Saturday October 19, 2013 at Take Flight for Kids, San Jose Reid Hillview Airport, 2500 Cunningham Ave, San Jose, California.  All participants must pre-register online at   http://www.takeflightforkids.org/karaoke.htm  Signups are first come, first served. For more information and sign-up info, please check   http://www.takeflightforkids.org/karaoke.htm

Additional at-event and walk-in signups will be placed on a waiting list. To be guaranteed a spot in the contest, we highly recommend that you sign up online early in the sign-up period before the event. Please note though that every year, we get some cancellations and no-shows, so even if you are on the waiting list, your chances of being in the contest are still very good.

A final list of accepted pre-registered contestants will be posted on the Karaoke Forum by Friday, October 18, 2013. All pre-registered contestants are REQUIRED to check in in the Karaoke Manager 30 minutes before the start of the auditions to confirm their appearance. Follow the signs to find the Karaoke Stage.  Contestants who fail to check in will LOSE their spot in the auditions. Once the auditions start, only the names of those who have checked in will be called. For check-in, you will need the music you will be using in the audition, which must be in audio CD or MP3 format. The Karaoke Manager will be open for check-in and contestant warm-up before the start of the auditions.

Once the online signup period has ended, you can sign up at the event. Forms can be found at the Programming Booth on in the Karaoke Lounge. All at-con signups (and any additional waiting list signups) will be accepted in the Karaoke Lounge.

You must specify the songs you are going to sing when you sign up for the contest. You may change your songs freely up until you check in for the auditions, but you must specify something when you sign up. Once you have checked in at the event and handed over your music, you are committed to your song selection.

Contest Categories

There are two categories of competition: Take Flight for Kids Idol and Karaoke Cosplay Hybrid. Contestants may compete in both categories.

Take Flight for Kids Idol

Contestants are judged on vocal ability and talent.

There can only be one person on stage. Entries with more than one person on stage must compete in the Karaoke Cosplay Hybrid.

All Idol entrants must have a karaoke version of their song so that we can truly hear your voice. There will be absolutely no exceptions.

Karaoke Cosplay Hybrid

Contestants put on skits, perform artistic acts, and go for audience appeal, all while performing songs to complement their performance.

Groups will be allowed to enter, but all members of the group must sing, either as lead or as backup. NO "BACK UP" dancers. If the number of group members exceeds the number of microphones, you will have to share.

All members of the group must perform in both rounds to be eligible for a prize.

Once you have checked in, you may not switch group members. Adding, subtracting, or substituting group members in between rounds of the contest are PROHIBITED.

Contestants may only compete for one group.

Song Selection

Songs must be from the following categories: Anime, Video game, J-rock/J-pop, K-pop, C-pop or Filk. (Filks—anime-themed song parodies—will only be allowed during the Karaoke Cosplay Hybrid contest).

English or other non-Japanese songs from the dubbed version of an anime series or video game are acceptable. (For example: The German theme to Sailor Moon, or songs from Robotech.)

English songs which were not originally created for an anime series, or straight covers of such songs (for example, Fly Me to the Moon, or a "popular" song used as an anime series theme song) are not allowed. English songs which are significantly changed or adapted from the original version (for example, has Japanese lyrics) might be okay. If you are in doubt as to whether a song is acceptable for the contest, please ask us before signing up, and we will make a ruling.

Be prepared to sing at leas

t two different songs. If two people make it to the final round with the same song, one or both will be asked to sing an alternate for the final round. You may sing your first choice for the audition round.

You may sing the same song for both the audition and the final round. Contestants competing in both Take Flight for Kids Idol and Karaoke Cosplay Hybrid must have a different song for each contest. At auditions, you will be required to sing a piece from both styles so that you can be judged for each category separately.

Songs are limited to the following lengths:

  • Audition round:
    • Individuals – 2.5 minutes (TV version, or 1 verse and 1 chorus)
      • Individuals competing in both contests – 3 minutes (For both pieces)
    • Groups – 4 minutes
  • Final round: 6 minutes.

Songs longer than these limits will be faded out when the limit is reached. If the contestant wishes a song to be faded out early, he/she must indicate so to the Karaoke staff either by placing the microphone back on the stand and bowing to the audience, or giving the "engine shutdown" (hand across the throat) signal.

Song Formats

Contestants must provide their own music in either audio CD format or MP3 readable on CD. No portable music players, flash memory devices, MDs, or cassettes are allowed. Audio tracks with vocals are allowed for the Hybrid competition, but karaoke versions are strongly recommended. You may lose points in Vocal Performance if the judges cannot hear your voice, rather than the original artists.

We will make a reasonable effort to return your CD to you, but we are not responsible for lost or forgotten CDs. It is the responsibility of the contestant to claim their CD after the contest! Unclaimed CDs will be available in the Karaoke Lounge until the end of the event.

Contestants must provide their own song lyrics, if needed. Song lyrics must be the original lyrics from the original version of the song (the exception being Filks).

Contestants may not sing a cappella style—you must have a backing track.

Songs must be in their original format as on the released CD and may not be edited, cropped, remixed, or otherwise altered by the contestant or other party in any way. Remixes that have appeared on an officially released CD (for example, one of the many different remixes by Ayumi Hamasaki) are acceptable.


Contestants will be assigned a numerical score by each judge based on vocal/singing performance, and showmanship/presentation. In addition, "Coolness Points" can be earned. Coolness Points can be earned for anything which, simply, in the judge's determination, is cool, and can add an additional bonus to the score. The scores from each judge are then tallied to come up with a total score for the contestant.

All decisions made by the judges are final.


Awards will be awarded to the following winners:

Take Flight for Kids Idol:

  • First Place
  • Second Place
  • Third Place

Karaoke Cosplay Hybrid:

  • Best Anime Song
  • Best J-pop/J-rock/K-pop/C-pop
  • Best Filk

Prizes will be awarded to all winners. In addition, each judge can award a Judge's Choice Prize at their discretion to the act of their choice.


As a event for anime fans of all ages, Take Flight for Kids has certain standards of behavior which all event attendees should abide by at all times. For more information, please refer to the Event Policies.

The following rules are in addition to the Take Flight for Kids Event Policies that applies to all attendees:

  • All aspects of the act, including, but not limited to: costume, conduct on stage, and song lyrics, are to abide by no worse than a "PG-13" standard. If you're in doubt as to whether something is suitable, just ask yourself, "Would you do this in front of your mother?" If you're still in doubt, please email or post and tell us what you have in mind, and we'll work something out.
  • If any violations of this policy occur, Karaoke staff reserves the right to disqualify offenders from the contest or terminate the act in mid-song. In extreme cases, offenders may also be subject to event penalties including loss of badge and removal from the event.
  • During the contest, no interaction with the Emcee is allowed. Contestants may not touch or approach the judges' table. Contestants may not go into the audience or use an audience member in their act. Actions that encourage general audience participation as a whole (such as asking the crowd to clap) are okay.
  • The only persons allowed in the performing area are the Emcee, Take Flight for Kids staff and guests, judges, and contestants. Friends, relatives, fans, mascots, managers, agents, and any other persons or beings not actually performing in the contest are not allowed on stage.

Questions?  Contact Dean McCully, Take Flight for Kids,

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Don't forget to bring canned goods, diapers, baby wipes, or new socks for Bill Wilson Center!

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