Take Flight for Kids
VMC Foundation
Take Flight for Kids
A Full Day Family Friendly FREE Science and Aviation Festival
Reid Hillview Airport, San Jose, CA

Saturday October 19, 2013
Take Flight for Kids #5 at San Jose Reid Hillview Airport
A project of the Valley Medical Center Foundation

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Saturday October 19, 2013
Take Flight for Kids #4 at San Jose Reid Hillview Airport.
See the Layout Overview and Layout Details

To volunteer for Take Flight for Kids on Saturday, October 15, 2011, please fill out this form online.
We will contact you with more volunteer information as soon as it becomes available.

Note: insurance hassles prevent us from flying kids this year.  BUT we need more help than ever running the big ground festival.

Are you a Pilot? Please click here to volunteer as a Pilot

Spread the word!  We welcome participation of other volunteers, vendors, donors, and participants!
Volunteer Name:
First name: Last name:
Street Addr:


Daytime:   Evening:

(under 18 must have a parent sign a waiver - we will email you a waiver before the event)
Select a volunteer task.
Note, please be flexible.  Volunteer needs change through the day.
What times can you help?
Setup 7am-9am
I CAN help with SETUP from 7am-9am
I can NOT help with setup from 7am-9am
I CAN help with MORNING shift 8am-noon
I can NOT help with morning shift 8am-noon
Lunch Shift 10:30aam-2pm
I CAN help with LUNCH shift 10:30am-2pm
I can NOT help with LUNCH shift 10:30am-2pm
I CAN help with AFTERNOON shift noon-4pm
I can NOT help with AFTERNOON shift noon-4pm
Teardown 4pm-6-m
I CAN help with TEARDOWN from 4pm-6pm
I can NOT help with teardown from 4pm-6pm

Volunteer task during the day

Select your favorite volunteer task.  Note that we ask all volunteers to be very flexible throughout the day because needs are constantly changing as the day wears on.  Expect some confusion and chaos.  If you are standing around with nothing to do, help the exhibitors or talk to some of the families.

Bounce House Supervisors
Checkin and Registration  (volunteers, attendees, exhibitors)
Facilities (water, trash pickup, portapotties, etc)
Parking & Safety

OR this year we are trying something fun: connecting volunteers with exhibitors to build really cool hands on booths.  If you would like to work with an exhibitor, please pick a category and we will assign you to a REALLY cool exhibitor in the category.   Note: we might not have exhibitors in these categories, so bear with us if we have to change your assignment.

Example, if you select "Art", we might have you volunteer with a hands on chalk art activity in the parking lot.

Can you help an exhbitor in one of these categories?
Accessible Activities
Aircraft - Static Displays
Aviation and Aerospace
Career Fair
Cisco employees only - CDAN/CENABLE
Cisco employees only - Conexion (IT Rocks)
Cisco employees only - WTAN (Human Internet Game)
Cisco employees only - Other (please specify in "other" field below)
Career Fair
Education / Tutoring
Emergency Response
Financial Planning, Bank, etc
Foster/Adoption Resources
Girls/Women in Business
Girls/Women in Technology
Girls/Women in Science/Technology
Service Groups (Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, etc)
Special Needs
Transportation - Electric Vehicle
Transportation - General
Youth: At Risk
Youth: General

OTHER  -->  If you prefer to do something else, let us know and we'll see what we can do:

Have you volunteered with Take Flight for Kids or Day in the Sky before?
If yes, doing what did you do? 
Would you be willing to be a volunteer team lead for a particular task or area?
     If so, which task or area? 
Your company or Organization Representing (optional):

Example: Cisco, NVIDIA, Guide Dogs for the Blind, etc.

Note: If you are a Cisco employee, please tell us when you check in so we can get matching funds from Cisco.
Any other comments you want to share?  Do you have a specific talent or interest?
Does your employeer offer matching funds for volunteer time?

Note: the computer will send you a confirmation email within a few seconds of clicking submit.  If you do NOT receive such an email, make sure you add anything@dayinthesky.org to your "whitelist".  AOL, sbcglobal, and others are particularly bad at blocking confirmation emails: they just delete them without even sending them to your spambox.  So please add everything@dayinthesky.org to your whitelist to receive emails from us.

Please allow up to 45 seconds for our computers to respond once you have clicked this button.

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Take Flight for Kids is a charitable organization, all donations are fully tax deductible.